Seatruck now offer discounted crossings to Total Motorhome members! Save £10/€12 on crossings 1st July onwards, by simply contacting

 01772 851950 after registering and verification of membership by admin, using this form 


Offer only applies to:

02:00 Heysham<>Dublin and 14:00 Dublin<>Heysham departures;

09:30 Liverpool<>Dublin and 09:30 Dublin<>Liverpool departures.

Subject to availability.


Seatruck offer an affordable, no-frills, read more and more relaxed way of crossing the Irish Sea via our 8-hour sailings between Heysham<>Dublin, Heysham<>Warrenpoint, and Liverpool<>Dublin.

Due to our ships being working freight vessels, space can be limited. Therefore, allocated space for passengers is restricted to 2 people per vehicle, and mostly on the AM departures.

Check requirements below or visit for more information


 Cabins & Facilities Onboard


Each passenger will get a berth in a cabin.

On the Liverpool <> Dublin ferry route, there are a mix of one bed cabins and shared cabins with two berths (divided by a privacy curtain). Both cabin types have a toilet and shower cubicle.

On the Heysham <> Dublin ferry route, each cabin has one bed, a toilet and shower cubicle.

On the Heysham <> Warrenpoint ferry route, each cabin has two berths (divided by a privacy curtain) and a toilet and shower cubicle.

Each passenger will get a complimentary meal cooked to order and free drinks in the dining room / TV lounge.

Steep Stairs


Seatruck Ferries operate freight ferries, which unlike passenger ferries, have steep stairs to and from accommodation and do not have lifts on-board. Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot accommodate wheelchair users. Other customers with mobility issues may wish to consider if this is suitable. For legal and safety reasons passengers are not allowed to remain in their vehicles whilst at sea, even if the vehicle is designed for sleeping in.


                                                                                    No Children Under 12


Unfortunately, due to legal and safety restrictions on freight ferries Seatruck Ferries are unable to accommodate children under the age of 12.


                                                                                      No Caravans


Our ships are not drive through ferries like most passenger ferries. This makes loading and unloading extremely difficult for vehicles with caravans. In the interest of your safety, and the safety of others on-board, therefore we are unable to accept vehicles towing caravans.


No Pets


Our passage times are approximately 8 hours to and from Ireland. Once you have left the vehicle you are unable to get access to the loading decks. In the interest of safety, we are unable to allow pets into the passenger accommodation. Therefore, we are unable to accept vehicles carrying pets.

Tidal Port


Whilst our services are extremely reliable, our departure times can be affected by tides. We have no control over this. Therefore, we ask all passengers to contact our customer service team within 24 hours of travel to confirm the exact time of departure. Alternatively, please check out You should arrive at port at least 1 hour before departure.


                                                                                     Limited Port Facilities


Please beware that facilities at port are limited. You may have to spend some time in your vehicles prior to loading.

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